The Fire lived a little too close to the edge in the first half, and they paid for it once. In my opinion they could've gotten burned (pun intended) on more than one occasion, but they were saved by a few errant shots by Chavez. They look too flat offensively. Oduro and Nyarko haven't really had a lot of room to run and it's costing the Fire scoring opportunities. 

The Fire are 0-8-6 this season when they allow the first goal - a trend that's going to have to change if they're going to continue their pursuit of a playoff spot. They need to press more in the second half and really make Dallas try to defend them. 

As for life up here in the press box, it's awesome. I've finally gotten to meet some of the great writers I've interacted with on Twitter, and the view and perks up here are great. Thanks to the Chicago Fire for giving us this opportunity. 

Ryan is enjoying his time down on the field as well, he's taken so many pictures that he was complaining at halftime about cramping in his hand...

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