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MLS Archives http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/ Wed, 01 Apr 2015 10:34:53 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb MLS Needs to Investigate Seattle Player After Post-Match Fight http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/mls-needs-to-investigate-seattle-after-post-match-fight.html http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/mls-needs-to-investigate-seattle-after-post-match-fight.html My full match wrap-up should be available some time this evening, but before I write that, I need to write a short post about the post match fight that took place between the Seattle Sounders and Chicago Fire on Saturday night. What occurred was a disgrace to the game, and was only one in a series of events that made the match hard to watch. Of course there was bad officiating, bad play, and let's not forget Eddie Johnson's classless swearing at Fire supporters when there were children nearby, but the fight takes the cake.

Johnson will probably not see any punishment for his actions because the audio only file that has been floating around Twitter makes it very difficult to prove it was him, but he knows it was him and he needs to go to sleep at night knowing what a classless act that was.

The fight, however, BETTER be investigated by the league office - and we have the photos to prove what happened. After a challenge by Fire defender, Jalil Anibaba at the end of the match, there was some pushing and shoving and some words were exchanged between Anibaba and the Sounders Gonzalez. In an instant both benches had cleared, and the "beautiful game" was relegated to an NHL style fight. Don't get me wrong, I love a good NHL fight, but it has no place in soccer.

jpatton03@gmail.com (JR Patton) MLS Mon, 30 Apr 2012 01:18:54 +0000
Becks To Stay in MLS http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/becks-to-stay-in-mls.html http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/becks-to-stay-in-mls.html Image courtesy of Total Football Madness.comI have not always been the biggest fan of David Beckham, and who could blame me? He had a reputation for being hot-headed, temperamental, and even at times a cry baby. When he came to MLS I was excited for the league. My excitement quickly disappeared, however, as he went through his phase of complaining about the lack of quality in the league, and even his attempt to leave MLS and return to European football. Eh, why be coy about it? I HATED David Beckham. But with the new year comes a new perspective, and strangely enough, I think I'm beginning to like the guy a little bit. 

jpatton03@gmail.com (JR Patton) MLS Thu, 19 Jan 2012 22:10:25 +0000
Fire Let Husidic, Conway, Dufty Leave http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/fire-let-husidic-conway-dufty-leave.html http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/fire-let-husidic-conway-dufty-leave.html DSC_0500-3     In preparation for the MLS Re-Entry Draft, the Chicago Fire have announced that the options of Jon Conway, Alec Dufty, and Baggio Husidic were not exercised. The Re-Entry Draft is the first of a few drafts that basically consitute how players are moved during the MLS off-season. Fans should prepare for tons of player movement the next few weeks. 


barraza88@gmail.com (Raul Barraza) MLS Wed, 30 Nov 2011 01:25:07 +0000
Analysis of New Galaxy TV Deal http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/galaxy.html http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/galaxy.html      One of the big headlines last week, besides Sepp Blatter's latest debacle, was the announcement of the LA Galaxy signing a new TV deal. The deal is believed to be worth $55 million over 10 years. To put this into perspective, NBC Sports recently signed a deal with the entire league for $30 million over 3 years. Reactions to the deal seem mixed amongst fans and journalists. Some say the deal goes to show the strength of the league. Others say this will just lead to an even wider competitive advantage for the Galaxy. I do not think it is that simple to brand this deal in those camps.  

barraza88@gmail.com (Raul Barraza) MLS Sat, 26 Nov 2011 20:01:30 +0000
The Debate Continues - MLS to Implement Unbalanced Schedule http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/the-debate-continues-mls-to-implement-unbalanced-schedule.html http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/the-debate-continues-mls-to-implement-unbalanced-schedule.html Earlier today, MLS commissioner Don Garber gave his "State of the league" address. He touched on a number of different topics, but the one that has me fuming is his announcement that MLS will in fact go to a 34 match unbalanced schedule next season. A lot of people were anticipating this change as MLS will see a 19th team added next year in the Montreal Impact. The Twitterverse exploded with unhappy tweets as soon as he announced this, and I can't imagine there are many MLS supporters who welcome this change. We posted an article earlier about the logistics of how to keep a balanced schedule with an unbalanced number of clubs in the league so I won't get into that, but I will talk about why it's bad for the league and how it couldn't come at a worse possible time. 

jpatton03@gmail.com (JR Patton) MLS Fri, 11 Nov 2011 03:49:16 +0000
Looking For MLS Cup Tickets? http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/looking-for-mls-cup-tickets.html http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/looking-for-mls-cup-tickets.html It was brought to our attention that Visa Signature card holders can purchase tickets to the MLS Cup 2011 in LA. If you're hoping to make it out to California to see the Galaxy battle the Dynamo and you still need a ticket, check out this link. We haven't verified if this offer is still available, so we apologize if it expires before you can use it.

byrnesolid@gmail.com (Ryan Byrne) MLS Tue, 08 Nov 2011 11:54:48 +0000
Tournament Expansion-Return of Superliga http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/tournament-expansion-return-of-superliga.html http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/tournament-expansion-return-of-superliga.html CONCACAF_CL_logoA couple weeks ago new US National Team Coach Jurgen Klinsman spoke to reporters about some of the problems with MLS. One of his main points was that the MLS season is too short. Currently the MLS season runs from Mid-March to Mid-October. He believes MLS needs to lengthen their current 8-month season to be more competitive with the rest of the world. In a previous article I wrote about expanding the season from the current balanced 34 game schedule to a balanced 36 game schedule, this along with more time off for World Cup qualifiers and off days for more tournaments both continental and national ones, could help lengthen the season without taking away from the value of each game.



chanekeller@mac.com (Chane Keller) MLS Sat, 22 Oct 2011 17:03:12 +0000
MLS Scheduling-Balanced or Unbalanced http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/mls-scheduling-balanced-or-unbalanced.html http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/mls-scheduling-balanced-or-unbalanced.html gargan_2

When he’s not being harassed about expansion MLS Commissioner, Don Garber, has to answer questions on another big debate going on in MLS right now about scheduling and if MLS should move from a balanced schedule to an unbalanced one. An unbalanced schedule would mean that not every team would be able to host every other team depriving some cities of being able to see teams such as the Galaxy or the Red Bulls. This move would really hurt teams that need those games to get people in the seats. The argument for the unbalanced schedule is that it will better promote local rivalries such as Seattle and Portland. However, an unbalanced schedule would mean that in some years rivalries like the Brimstone Cup contested between the Fire and FC Dallas would only have one regular season match up.

chanekeller@mac.com (Chane Keller) MLS Fri, 07 Oct 2011 22:01:47 +0000
Moving Beyond 20-MLS' Coming of Age http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/moving-beyond-20-mls-coming-of-age.html http://hooknladders.com/articles/mls/moving-beyond-20-mls-coming-of-age.html If you watch any recent interview with MLS Commissioner Don Garber, you will undoubtedly hear about expansion. MLS needs to grow beyond 20 teams and make it to 24. Assuming that New York is granted the 20th team and Beckham waives his right to own the 20th team or maybe strikes a deal to exercise it on the 21st team, the question still remains which cities should be the next to receive MLS teams? One scenario is to give NY the 20th team, move Chivas to San Diego - a place that desperately wants a team. And with its strong Mexican following Chivas would make a great fit, grant LA another team and give this one to Beckham.

chanekeller@mac.com (Chane Keller) MLS Wed, 05 Oct 2011 18:10:24 +0000