Pappa_winBig thanks to Guillermo over at Fire Confidential for bringing this Goal Latino report (article is in spanish) to the generic propecia canada attention of Fire fans. The article states there are ongoing negotiations between FC Twente and the Fire over Marco Pappa. It seems the sticking point between the clubs is the transfer fee for Pappa. The Fire value Pappa at over a million euros but Twente want a price below that. The "Marco Pappa going to Europe" rumors are not new but Twente's interest in him has been in nearly every rumor for the last few months.

I believe he is under contract for only 2012 and seems destined to move at this point. Fire fans seem to have a love/hate relationship with Pappa lately and rumor was met accordingly. I am a big Pappa fan and he seemed to improve as the season went on, especially his defense. After the how much is viagra click now Gold Cup, it took him some time to fit in with the new Fire philosphy/Grazzini & Pardo. He was accustomed to being the focal point of the attack ever since Blanco left and had to search for his role after Klopas took over. Marco adapted and female viagra cream options seemed to gel with the new midfield, taking fewer outside shots and making simple passes instead. With all of that being said, I am not against the move entirely.

He could very well bolt after his contract expires and the Fire would be left with nothing to show for it, this should not be an acceptable outcome. Since it appears Marco wants to go to Europe, I have no problem with the Fire selling him and acquiring a transfer fee along the way. If he does leave, the team will need to immediately acquire a playmaker on the wings. With Nyarko and Oduro slotting in as strikers and Pause playing as a RM, the midfield needs another creative playmaker to shoulder the load with Grazzini (who is only signed until June). The offense will suffer if the Fire do not acquire a suitable replacement for Pappa. Another option could be to sign him to an extension which would enable the Fire to command a larger fee from interested clubs but if he wants to go to the Old Country, then let him and collect a nice transfer fee.