Gargan_tackleI'm so happy with the Fire right now. There are still plenty of things to work on, but the guys are creating chances and finishing. The big tests will be in the next few matches, but let's not worry about that right now. Let's look back at some of yesterday's performances.

With Gibbs suspended, I was a little concerned about the defense. Not that it's a one man show by any means, but when every match is a must-win it's good to have all your starters. Thankfully, the defense stepped up. Dan Gargan really stood out to me. He was all fired up during the whole match, chasing down the ball and stifling the Revs' attack. If only he and the other defenders had stayed sharp through the full 90 plus stoppage time they would have surely kept NE goalless. But that's a lesson learned, according to Klopas. I would have liked to have seen Sean Johnson take home a clean sheet, but I don't think he can be disappointed in himself at all.

Grazzini_subbed_outHello offense, it's nice to see you. Oduro can finish, and finish beautifully. And look at Nyarko with a great move that just seemed to puzzle Reis. On top of that, his attack in the box when he went all out to earn a pk chance for Grazzini was fantastic. I love the hustle. He and Oduro are really going to shine the next few games and usefull link where can i purchase levitra next season. Grazzini did well to snag the first goal of the match on the pk, but what happened to him in the 25th minute? He was supposedly experiencing "tightness in his left hamstring," which definitely upset Frank Klopas. It was hard to tell from the Harlem End, but Frank certainly had some words to share with Grazzini when the trainers helped him off the field. It wasn't clear at first whether or not Grazzini would stay on the sidelines for a few minutes or if he would be subbed out. It didn't take a firey Klopas long to decide to put Baggio Husidic into the game in his place. Good call, Frank. I like seeing Baggio get some playing time and I think he did a great job yesterday, as did the rest of the team. Let's hope Grazzini's hamstring doesn't become an issue, because he's done very well for the Fire so far.

Despite the 2 rapid fire goals from the Revs late, I think the Fire performed very well. There were only a handful of missed opportunities or terribly off-target attempts. Baggio's corners have improved significantly, and Pardo looked good from the corner too. Maybe our set pieces can start producing goals. Maybe. Passing still needs work, but we can't have everything. It'll be interesting to watch how the Fire do against RSL and Houston later this week. Fingers crossed.