DSC_0238Okay, the debate seems to have calmed down over the post from last night, so now I can get to the full match recap. I'm two days late, but as most of you saw, I was a little busy warding off vicious Seattle supporters last night.

You've seen the score, you've seen the fight, you've heard about all that, let's get into the match itself.

Coming off a 3-2 victory in Toronto, I was hopeful that the offense might have finally found their stride - but I was cautiously optimistic since the outburst came against the worst team in the league. As it turns out, I was right to be only cautiously optimistic. 

 This might have been one of the more bizarre games I've seen in a while, as the Fire seemed to go from dangerous to flat back to threatening all in about a one hour span. Early on, it looked as though the Fire would surely find a couple goals from their speedy attack. Dominic Oduro and Patrick Nyarko were routinely finding their way through the layers of the Seattle defense, but couldn't seem to find that final touch to put themselves in a position to score. I even tweeted that one of the strikers would certainly find the back of the net before long. 

But then, something strange happened. The Fire attack lost all of its danger. Suddenly we were moving the ball well through the park until the ball got to the top of the 18 yard box. Once we got the ball to the danger area, a series of bad passes, bad decisions, and yes, a couple of no calls, seemed to tip the balance towards Seattle. 

It appeared we were headed to halftime with a scoreless draw, but then something very weird happened in the 39th minute. Seattle's David Estrada hit a low shot toward goal that was deflected in by defender Arne Friedrich. The whole thing happened very quickly and it was very weird to watch. The ball seemed to just trickle towards the net and Sean Johnson didn't react until it was much too late, 1-0 Seattle. DSC_0785

After the break it was more of the same from the Fire attacking third, they looked bad. Sure, people can blame the wind for some of what went on in this match, but both sides had to play the wind - it's not an excuse. 

Frank Klopas brought Marco Pappa on in the 61' and he quickly pulled the teams level - or so it seemed. His quick goal was disallowed because Oduro was interfering with the keeper while in an offside position. Eddie Johnson put Seattle up 2-0 a few minutes later, and this game seemed over.

However, the Fire still had a little excitement in store for the crowd as Marco Pappa whipped a beautiful goal in from the corner in the 89'. With 4 minutes of stoppage time it looked as though the Fire might still be able to salvage a point at home and only for you send Seattle home shocked. Late game substitute Rafael Robayo appeared to get taken down in the box during stoppage time, but there was no call and there would be nothing left in this match for the Fire to pull level.

Right before the whistle Jalil Anibaba made a challenge on Seattle's Gonzalez that Gonzalez took exception to, and the pushing and shoving ensued. You've seen the video, you've seen the photos, you've read the tweets, comments, and posts. Draw your own conclusions, you already know my opinion.