Brimstone_CupAfter a tough defeat in the USOC Final, the Fire need to turn their attention toward the next match. It just so happens that this is against old rivals FC Dallas in the second and probably final match of the Brimstone Cup. For those who aren't familiar, the name stems from FC Dallas' previous name, the Dallas Burn (Fire, Burn, Brimstone...). The contest, decided by the aggregate score of each match between the two teams, is currently tied. Assuming Dallas and Chicago don't meet in the playoffs, Wednesday's winner will take home the Cup. In the event of a tie, the team currently in possession of the Cup (FC Dallas) will retain it until next season. The Fire have not done well over the years, with only 1 Cup win to Dallas' 7 since the contest began in 2001. It's time to change that.

It is absolutely vital that the Fire beat FC Dallas if they hope to make it to the playoffs. Even then, we will need to win the last two games and catch some lucky breaks from other teams in order to make it. But without a win on Wednesday, we're done. Playoffs aside, we should not be happy with our Brimstone Cup record. It's sad. As Kings of the US Open Cup, we can and http://epmtech.jotne.com/viagra-onlime-sales should do better. FC Dallas lost in the US Open Cup Semifinal to Seattle, so this next game will not only decide which city takes home the Brimstone Cup, but also which USOC Semifinal team is superior. Remember, we beat the Richmond Kickers to make it to the USOC Final. Dallas lost to the now 3-time Cup winners. A huge amount of pride is on the line.

PappaThankfully, there's no doubt in my mind that this Fire side will come away with a victory. Grazzini will hopefully be ready to start again by Wednesday. The rest of the team has 8 days between matches to rest and practice. The USOC Final aside, the Fire have been on a tear lately. Pappa has proven himself once again, and I expect he'll be pivotal on Wednesday. Provided the Fire find their rhythm again, we should be in for an exciting match.

"The more the kindled combat rises high'r, The more with fury burns the blazing fire."