As most soccer and video game fans undoubtedly already know, the new FIFA 12 game was released today. First of all, I want to commend EA Sports on an absolutely amazing game, it's head and shoulders above its previous versions. I was also happy to see the MLS rosters up to date. This was a pleasant surprise, as I figured most of the recent moves would not be included until an update came out. After the break I will list the Fire roster and their ratings, as well as my thoughts on the levitra profesional follow link ratings EA gave our Men in Red. 


 Sean Johnson - EA Rating (64) - JR's Rating (66)

I think EA sold SJ a little short with a 64 rating, but I do understand the rating. The young keeper is prone to mistakes at times, and has his cold streaks, but I think overall SJ deserved a little higher rating than he got. He definitely plays to his 64 rating in the game as he gets scored on with relative ease. 

Dan Gargan - EA Rating (61) - JR's Rating (65)

I think EA really missed on this one. I know Gargan isn't a defensive POY or anything, but he is a solid defender and plays at a very high level. 61 is much to low for Gargan.

Jalil Anibaba - EA Rating (64) - JR's Rating (64)

I think EA got this one right, Jalil has a tremendous upside and www.thelawfareproject.org with more time and experience he can be a top class defender. For right now, however, I have no problem with a 64 rating.

Cory Gibbs - EA Rating (63) - JR's Rating (67)

Another swing and a miss for EA. Cory is a much better defender than a 63 rating, and the game has Jalil Anibaba and Gonzalo Segares both rated higher than him - not accurate in my opinion. 

Gonzalo Segares - EA Rating (65) - JR's Rating (63)

Again, I don't believe Segares is a better player than Gibbs. If you read our site often you know I'm not a huge fan of Segares 2.0. If it was the old Segares, the pre-European experience guy, I'd be okay with a 65 - but he makes too many mental mistakes and looks outmatched too often to garner a 65.

Logan Pause - EA Rating (65) - JR's Rating (65)

I'm okay with EA giving our beloved captain a 65. He's a solid player, and I love the way he plays but there's no need to rate him higher than a 65.

Pavel Pardo - EA Rating (71) - JR's Rating (69)

I love Pardo and think he's been a tremendous addition to this club. However, I do not think he should be the ONLY player that EA rated as over 70 on the Fire squad. I put him at a solid 69 or 70 given his age. Still a very good player though.Marco

Marco Pappa - EA Rating (68) - JR's Rating (67)

I admit, I probably only changed his rating because I'm furious with his play lately. He's still a very good player, probably deserving of the 68 EA gave him, but I can't see past my emotions on this one.

Sebastian Grazzini - EA Rating (67) - JR's Rating (70)

I think EA missed the mark with this one. Sure, Grazzini has a tendancy to flop around more than Ronaldo, but I think he is still a better player than Pappa, and I think he's right on par with Pardo - definitely a big upside in the future.

Patrick Nyarko - EA Rating (64) - JR's Rating (67)

EA has no love for Nyarko. His ability to create for his teammates and put the ball in the net when he has the opportunity should garner him an upper 60's rating. Sure he has his "what are you thinking" moments, but he's better than a 64.

Dominc Oduro - EA Rating (63) - JR's Rating (70)

Okay, I get the logic here. When the game was created Oduro was one of the most snakebitten guys around. He just couldn't finish. We all know it - we all remember it. But the simple fact is that he is two goals out of the Golden Boot, and a much better player than a 63. His speed is rated at 93 or 94, and he flys up and www.allianceinvestmentplanning.com down the pitch in the game. 

gargan_2Diego Chaves - EA Rating (68) - JR's Rating (66)

Sorry, Diego, but your poor form over the last 4 months leads me to rate you lower than EA. I don't think there's much of an explanation needed here.

Daniel Paladini - EA Rating (58) - JR's Rating (64)

First of all, I love this guy. I love the way he plays. He's scrappy - a real blue collar type player. A player that our city can put their arms around. That being said, 58 is WAY, WAY too low for Paladini. 

Yamith Cuesta - EA Rating (62) - JR's Rating (64)

Cuesta has played tremendously this year, he's easily on the same level as Anibaba - in my opinion - and therefore I have to rate him as such.

Josip Mikulic - EA Rating (65) - JR's Rating (63)

Again, if you read our site often you'll know I can't stand Mikulic. Having said that, I have been impressed with his play as of late. I still don't think he should be rated higher than Gargan, Gibbs, Anibaba and Cuesta, so I've dropped him a couple points.

Baggio Husidic - EA Rating (62) - JR's Rating (64)

One of my favorite players on the team - Baggio in my opinion is about on par with Paladini. Same ratings works for me.

Orr Barouch - EA Rating (58) - JR's Rating (65)

EA's biggest swing and a miss. Most likely the 58 is due in part to the fact that people just haven't seen enough of him. Fire fans, however, have and we know he's a better player than a 58 rating would show.


The rest of the ratings are relatively close to what I think they should be, so I won't comment on them but I'll list them here for you to check out.

Jon Conway (62)

Mike Banner (63)

Christian Nazarit (65) - should be lower for now

Mike Videira (59)

Steven Kinney (59)

Corben Bone (63)

Gabe Ferrari (62)

Pari Pantazapolous (55)

Alex Dufty (58)

Victor Pineda (56)