Dominic OduroTo anyone who read my last post: I’m sorry. I had almost given up on the Fire’s playoff chances and decided that the Fire should rest up for Tuesday’s USOC match. Well, maybe we can have our cake and eat it too. Chicago had a dominant win last night over the reigning MLS Cup champs, Colorado. If you weren’t there or couldn’t watch it I highly recommend checking out the highlights online. The Fire just looked like they were finally all on the same page last night. Defense gave up a lot of corners, but Colorado couldn’t make anything of the chances. Midfield looked great with Pardo working hard before coming off at the half. Pause, Grazzini, and Pappa all looked solid throughout the match, as did Paladini when he came in for Pardo. Oduro and Nyarko were once again fantastic together up front and I think it was a great move by Frank Klopas to take them out before the full 90’. They did their parts, we were in the lead, and it’s always nice to see Baggio and searches viagra professional pfizer Orr getting some playing time.

Gibbs scores on Colorado.Dominic Oduro’s goal in the 17th minute put the Fire up 1-0 and really boosted the team’s confidence. It was a perfect example of how Chicago just looked to be communicating very well. Pavel Pardo sent a long pass to Oduro who didn’t miss a beat. The Ghanaian’s speed was too much for the Colorado defense as he sent a low shot to the far side of the net. The next goal would come in the 35th minute courtesy of Cory Gibbs. His header from Grazzini’s perfect cross went right past Pickens and found the back of the net. The Fire stayed in control and beat the Rapids 2-0.  Nyassi yellow card against Fire

There were a handful of yellow cards last night. The one that really stands out was Nyassi’s in the 67th minute. It started with a somewhat reckless tackle that sent Gibbs to the ground. Words were exchanged and Nyassi felt it necessary to put his hand to Cory’s throat. It was for that shove, and not for the tackle, that Nyassi was booked. I can only assume that the Fire’s 2-0 lead was wearing on him. He didn’t even bother to turn around when referee Juan Guzman showed him the card. It was nice to see Corben Bone warming up last night. Hopefully he gets back in the game soon. Segares, Gargan, Anibaba, SJ… I can’t even give credit to each player here. They all played very well last night, individually and as a team. Colorado is a tough team and they earned every chance they had at goal. Thankfully, our defense handled their attacks with relative ease. The Fire starters are looking better every match and I’m never worried when I see a substitution coming on. I know that the bench can perform just as well and cananda viagra can be counted on to make a difference in a tight game. Fire face the Richmond Kickers in their next match on Tuesday. I hope to see a packed house at Toyota Park as we continue our win streak and advance to the USOC Final.